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Jul 27

Life Is Not Fair?

Isn’t sad that people all around America believe life isn’t fair? And these are the same cowards that let everyone walk all over them too. So strange to them that when someone DOES stand up for what is just, for what they believe, they immediately shun that person saying he/she is a “whiner”. Oh please. Whining is something you do when something doesn’t go you’re way and everyone knows you don’t deserve it to go your way. Fighting for what you believe in, fighting for your own personal justice is not whining. Example: whining would be if someone giving a tantrum because they didn’t get any cookies while standing up for yourself is calling out a liar who said they will give you some cookies. Remember that even little things matter, as they tend to be the acts that make up our everyday life. If we let little things walk over us too often, they will get bigger and bigger until we are squished into brainwashed slavery. So please, everyone listen up; DON’T let other cowards tell you that you are whining and go ahead and fight for justice. Life isn’t fair? Make it fair.